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Open Legacy Micro Service

Open Legacy Micro Service

OpenLegacy’s API Software for API Integration & Management revolutionizes the way core legacy and on-premise systems are extended to create web, cloud or mobile innovations .

Our microservices approach cuts through layers of complexity to automate and accelerate the way API integration and management is done.


Automated generation of internal and external APIs from various sources

Immediate external API publication

Generation of API clients for 50+ types of back-end systems

Custom templates for full control of code generation

Can be quickly customized for proprietary back ends using connectors SDK

Automation and testing aligns well with agile and DevOps practices


Microservices deliver modern agile architecture without making changes to legacy systems

Uses standard Java stack: Eclipse, Tomcat, Maven, Spring, Swagger, JPA, Jersey

Flexible for any additional Java software stack. e.g. Jenkins, Nexus, any 3rd party libraries

Easy, automated and standard deployment to J2EE, Docker, AWS, etc.

Out of the box publishing as REST, Java SDK, web services

Designed for any skill level, standard Java skills needed for customization


Compliant with all security standards

Security for both architecture and identity

Java code is inherently strong-type security

Supports OAuth2, OLAP and LDAP

Data-masking offers granular control over exposed data