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Axway API Management

What is API Management?

API management is the process of building secure APIs, publishing them for reusability, and deploying them in a scalable environment. AMPLIFY API Management lets you create APIs from cloud and on-premise services, publish them to a marketplace, and enable self-service consumption while controlling access and use. Embedded analytics provides the right measuring tools to ensure your digital success and the API gateway sits in front of APIs acting as a protector, enforcing security and ensuring scalability and high availability.

Accelerate digital business with API management 

Build APIs

Quickly build sophisticated APIs and deploy them at scale 

Rapidly create APIs to access enterprise resources

Simply orchestrate and mediate APIs to deliver specific business value

Enable business teams to unlock enterprise digital value 

Manage APIs

Manage, secure, and govern APIs and data delivery across the organization

Meet complex enterprise and industry security requirements

Hundreds of pre-built security policies speed up development efforts

Data transformation policies enable data governance

Analyze APIs

Analyze the success of your digital efforts with business level metrics and end-to-end visibility 

Real-time monitoring

Operational, developer, or business metrics

Trend analysis and predictive analytics

Extend APIs

Extend your digital ecosystem to increase innovation and the value of digital initiatives

Increase API consumption with a developer portal

Enable real-time app innovations with streaming data APIs

Unified catalog integrates APIs and iPaaS connectors helps collaboration across business silos